PHP Frameworks and its Various Features

A good PHP framework Development helps a developer to swiftly develop a PHP application and breaks down complex components into simple ones.

Here is a list of great PHP frameworks which delivers what it promises, to the average developer:

1. CodeIgniter
CodeIgniter is a powerful and efficient PHP framework which is built especially for PHP coders for creating full-featured web applications.

2. CakePHP
CakePHP is a PHP development framework which provides a scalable and extensible architecture for development, maintenance and deployment of innovative applications.

3. Symfony
 Symfony works as a full-stack framework and a library of PHP5 classes which provides a comprehensive architecture and tools for PHP developers for building mind-blowing applications. One can host and scale the applications without any hassle and maintain them without any problem.

4. Prado
Prado is an efficient component-based programming framework which is driven by events. It is highly efficient in developing PHP Web apps. Prado is the acronym of PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented.

5. Qcodo
Qcodo is an object-oriented PHP framework that ensures for a rapid application development process. Iterations can be completed quickly which give way to cohesive solutions. These solutions propel the prototypes to the next level by ensuring application maturity.

6. Zend Framework
This framework is secure, reliable, and consistent with the modern Web 2.0 age. All its apps and services are widely available and the APIs are used by some of the biggest companies including Google, Amazon, Yahoo! and the like.

7. Akelos

Akelos is a unique web application development platform which is based on MVC (Model View Controller). It helps the developers to write views using Ajax and for creating control requests through a controller.

8. evoCore
evoCore is the heart of the b2evolution blog app and a freely available PHP-based framework which is dual licensed. One can use the framework under the widely popular GNU GPL license or the Mozilla MPL license.

9. Seagull
Seagull is an extremely mature object-oriented programming framework which helps developers to create GUI and web applications. One can integrate and manage code resources and also build complex apps quickly and easily.

10. Zoop
The Zoop Framework is contains diverse components integrated from some existing PHP frameworks like Smarty, JS Framework, and a number of modules from the Pear framework.

11. php.MVC
php.MVC has an MVC design pattern which allows the web page to be mostly separated from the internal code thus making it fairly easy for designers and programmers to focus on design and code in separate measures.

12. AjaxAC
AjaxAC is highly efficient open-source framework which can help developers to create AJAX applications using the XMLHttpRequest object optimally to change the existing web page state with the help of background HTTP sub-requests without the need for web page reload. The framework is available under the Apache License v2.0 terms and conditions.

13. xAjax
xAjax is a fantastic open source PHP class library which helps PHP developers to create Ajax apps making the best possible use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

14. Kohana
Kohana is a secure, light and easy to use PHP 5 framework which uses the MVC architectural pattern for creating applications.


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