Use of Open Source Development Tools and Technologies

Open Source Development Tools have swamped up the IT world with adept options which don’t require licensing or any upfront fee. What are the trends here, let’s have a look.

Every business needs different types of software applications for running their business. One might have a word processing solution or accounting software or even an ERP/CRM solution, according to the demands of the business. Now with the advent of the open source tools and technologies, many companies who are facing financial crunch and a reduction in budgets, find it extremely handy to use any of the open source tools. One of the best repositories of open source applications is SourceForge.

The quality of all software differs what is available may vary. It's a good idea to look for software with a lot of users, as there'll be a large community who can provide help and support. Popular software also makes it likely that there will be commercial support and training services. See the page in this guide on training and support options for open source software.

There are many different types of open source tools and software available to different consumers. Different platforms are used for different programs useful for writing text, for designing, video editing and even networking. The tools are designed for clients and are usually tailored according to their needs. Alternatively some organizations create open source tools which can be customized by non-developers.

The licensing of the products is a major influential factor for creating open source programs. Some of the versions are completely free to the public with basic features while some give out full-fledged programs for free, by making money out of advertisements and tailored add-ons or voluntary donations. Some of the tools are trademarked and controlled by the root source while some are used as a form of service which is on a temporary basis. The open source software is not a cheap version of a commercially available program but always a low-cost alternative for those who cannot afford to house paid products.

One equates people behind open source software to be selfless in their work and working for the greater good of the people rather than after financial goals. Even if there are commercial interests behind many of the projects, the results have been fantastic for many. Though some of them do not even advanced functionalities in their domain, they are serviceable.

There are Open Source Web Development operating systems including mobile platforms like Google’s own Android platform which is free and open for all mobile app programmers. The operating systems mostly consist of the Unix file system structure. Users design some platforms for niche domains while there are platforms like the Solaris platform which are available for workstations. These platforms are great replacements for general operating systems which are sold upfront or licensed including Microsoft Windows.


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