Tech News Now: App Development Interest Grows

Mobile apps are not just for gaming anymore and as the business sector begins to see just how valuable a good app could be they are jumping on board. If you have been watching the tech blogs you will have learned from those who attended the CES that there are a plethora of appealing and exciting new products on the horizon.

Manufactures are creating products today that already incorporate mobile app use. This has made iOS developers positively giddy with excitement. Technology is goading industry into developing more innovative products and software.

Ford is leading the way. It has opened its software development platform, by offering Ford Sync. They see that consumers are more than willing to pay extra to have this new technology in their vehicles.  It is being billed as an in-vehicle infotainment system.

Currently the platform features bluetooth technology, an on-screen GPS system and a port to synchronize a wide range of programmable music devices. App developers will have an entire new market to ply their wares if other car manufacturers follow suit.

Another area that was received with a lot of enthusiasm was an announcement by Apple that they were looking to expand into the digital TV market. This could be another boon for iOS developers. An Apple TV device could boost app sales across the board. This is indeed something to look forward to in 2013.

There was one item that was introduced that seemed a bit far fetched. It is a portable potty for toddlers. It comes with a built-in mount and iPad cover. While it is not clear what a toddler needs with an iPad while they learn to do their business it is a testament to the power of mobile devices to infiltrate our lives. Parents are exposing their children to new technology much as parents did when color TV was the latest and greatest. By the time a child is five years old they can navigate even the most intricate mobile apps.

It is becoming increasingly clear to manufacturers that app development for the new technologies is not going away. These products are becoming a part of the fabric of our lives. There will be apps for everything from cars to refrigerators and if the app is needed you can bet there will be an app developer that has already been thinking about how to make it happen. Technology is constantly evolving and we will adapt our apps and software to keep up with it.

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