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Cloud Computing, the next most potent tool for small and medium sized business to stay afloat marks a shift from internet business and marketing to anywhere collaboration through mobile devices. This “anywhere” availability of cloud based services has attributed to their stupendous success in the small business arena. Small businessmen have realized the true potential of flexible collaborations without having to invest huge sums of money in desktops, laptops, storage systems, e-mail servers, shrink-wrapped software etc. Here is more on how it has benefited businesses in major ways:

Major Cloud Computing Services
The most advantageous feature of Cloud Computing is its easy-to-be-set-up omnipresent browser. With this a businessman can just avail the browser, log in and customize it according to his wish and use it. Some of the major business apps are smoothly operated on cloud namely accounting, CRM or customer relationship management, HR accounting etc.

The introduction of hybrid cloud solutions was triggered by concerns relating to data ownership, stability and security. While questions have been directed to the incongruent use of cloud computing, many companies have thought of ways of combating these questions by storing data locally on an NAS or hard drive to their cloud services.

Cloud computing is very good way of availing mom-and-pop outfits and SOHOs for accessing more refined technologies without the aid of IT experts.

Cloud 2 is well on its way to make business applications more flexible. It is the most amazing way to keep a tab on your personal life by accessing Social Media platforms like Facebook while at work.

Offline Access, application development, analytics and mobile deployment are some of the other cloud based services.

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