Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In the wake of triggering infrastructural costs and the pain involved in undertaking such infrastructural endevours, cloud computing has emerged as a reliable tool for start ups, small and medium sized businesses. Cloud computing facilitates flexible collaborations through mobile devices, that is, without the help of desktops, storage systems, laptops etc.

Amazon Web has been a real revelation in this context. It provides users with an array of application and infrastructure services thereby boosting the functionality of their businesses. These services enable entrepreneurs to operate virtually every cloud based service ranging from mobile apps to big data projects to social games.
Traditional ways involving order, installation and configuration of hardware can prove costly and are being fast replaced by local data storing on NAS or hard drives.  Mobile marketing is taking on big time with businessmen paying up only for services which they are using as per their needs. A range of different kinds of businesses including financial services, retail, healthcare, media, public sector, insurance, education is availing these services nowadays.

Thus reducing the overall IT costs of a company, Amazon Web Services bolsters cash flow of both small and large scale concerns in a major way.

Another major advantage of cloud computing is that it effectively drives away all anxieties surrounding the acceptability of your application. Zeroing in on capacity decision employing conventional working methods has always been difficult. You either run out of capacity spelling bad customer experience or else you pile up on excess capacity. Cloud computing, on the other hand, enables you to step up resources while working or else turn them off in case there is an excess.

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