Questions to Ask the Mobile App Developers Before Building an App

Mobile app development has grown with leaps and bounds but with the upsurge, there have been many average and below average mobile application developers. If you want to get your app developed with reasonable time and money, one should take care before choosing an app developer. One should ask some relevant questions to the qualified candidates who are eager to work for you.

Get a list of apps that they have been developing or have been responsible for conceptualization to development. Take those links of the Apple's iOS App Store or Google Play depending on the type of app they have developed.

Once you gauge the skills, experience and vision of the developer, you would also ascertain whether they are fit enough to produce the type of mobile app you need. Additionally get a list of clients or client companies that they have been working for. Here you would get the idea if the developer actually managed to create the apps which they credit themselves for.

Check the references so that you can know for sure if they are reliable, responsive and even result-oriented. You need to gauge whether they can work under pressure or flinch with whatever duties they are allocated with.

Visiting a candidate's LinkedIn profile or a company's page on the site will give a deeper idea about their mutual connections along with their work ethic.

Always ask the developer about the smartphone they use, because that would give tremendous insight about the passion that the candidate has for the platform. If the developer is an iPhone developer, he or she needs to possess an iPhone because only then one will be able to play with the apps and tweak the settings and other stuff.

Ask the app developer if they know anything about monetizing the app. If you want to generate revenue with mobile app development then the developer needs to be conversant about the built-in features which will get them revenue from 99 cents to $4.99 depending on the app features.

The developer needs to know how to work around for display ads, in-app purchases and even subscriptions. Also the app development process is clearly affected by the communication process. The developer needs to be conveyed exactly how they want the app to function. The design and other requirements need to be sorted out well. Get the right communication medium for the same.  The apps to be developed need to have innovative and useful features which all depends on the developer's capabilities to deliver the best and also the most unique.

Mostly you would be the one who will have the final product. But for that to happen both the parties need to sign a written "copyright assignment" and state that you own the design, source code and even the dynamic content in the app.

Test the app by running it on the smartphone The developer needs to make sure to weed out any glitches. The bugs need to be fixed quickly by the developer.

The developer then needs to deliver the app to an app store for the multi-step process approval. Settle with the developer if you can pay the total fee upfront or pay the person by the hour.

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